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9-Month Program Starting Sept 23rd

9-Month Coaching Programs That Integrate Eastern Enlightenment Wisdom With Depth Psychology

Coaching Program For Professionals

If you’re a Coach, Therapist, Healer, or Spiritual Teacher and would like to optimize your contributions to your clients, this is the program for you! It’s the ultimate integration of Eastern enlightenment wisdom with depth psychology,

Coaching Program For NVC Facilitators and Practitioners

If you’re a Nonviolent Communication Facilitator or Practitioner who would like to use your NVC skills to contribute to people on the deepest possible level, this program is for you!

Coaching Program For Yoga Teachers

If you’re a Yoga Teacher who would like to offer a complementary service to your students to both deepen your contributions and create another stream of income, then this is the program for you!

New Career In Spiritual Coaching?

If you’re an experienced Awakening Practitioner, Meditator, or Seasoned Personal Growth Student who wants to share your clarity and spaciousness with others and start a new career, this program is for you!

Learn to optimally contribute to people and honor your purpose!