A Highly Potent Inquiry Modality That Will Move Mountains For You're Clients


Inner Presence Coaching Program

Starting March 31st, 2018

Increase Your Efficacy By Offering This Transformative Approach To Clients


Inner Presence Coaching Program

Starting March 31st, 2018

Making Deep and Lasting Contributions to Clients Will Create A Waiting List Practice!


Inner Presence Coaching Program

Starting March 31st, 2018


If You’re Already a Coach, Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and…

  • Have one foot in Western forms of support and one foot in the Eastern enlightenment traditions and would like to know an effective way to integrate the best of both approaches in client sessions.
  • Want to inspire the highest truth realization in yourself and pass that on to your clients.
  • Know the value of embodied transcendence that is grounded in everyday life, instead of a transcendence that dismisses and disconnects from everyday life…and emotions.
  • Get excited about the healing power of presence and actively practice to increase your level of being presence to yourself and others.
  • Understand the power of working with clients in an experiential way and want to add more of those skills to your toolbox.
  • Perceive the limits of “talk about” or “story about” engagements in the transformational process and want to contribute to clients in a different way.
  • Long to go deep with yourself, as a way to go deep with your clients.

If so, you are invited to discover a totally unique way to go to the “next level” in supporting yourself and your clients, with the 9-Month Inner Presence Coaching Program!

Inner Presence Inquiry Work Integrates and Honors the Essence Of Eastern Enlightenment Approaches With The Best of The Western Depth Psychology/Personal Growth Approaches To Produce A System Of Inquiry That Is Efficient In Facilitating Effortless Transformations.

More Details About Integration

What Exactly is an Inner Presence Inquiry Session?

An Inner Presence Session is not therapy, nor is it a therapeutic approach that gets you lost in an endless “talk about” dialogue. It is not positive thinking, guided imagery or guided mediation of any kind, nor is it having a casual conversation about an issue. There is no concerted effort to intellectually delve into the past to find causes, and there is no attempt to change behavior, or improve or fix oneself.

This is not just another coaching method that gives you seven action steps for freedom, success, or millions. Neither is it an accountability session where your steps for achieving your goals are assessed, discussed and refined. It is not solution oriented or focused on future outcomes. It doesn’t attempt to change perspectives or give direction.

Inner Presence Session differs from the mental deconstructive inquiry training, offered in the East, that encourages you to “see through” inner objects or relegate everything arising as dreamlike material that doesn’t exist.

An Inner Presence Session is a deep inquiry that works within your own system of meaning and uses your innate wisdom to inspire safe, efficient, effortless transformations. Often, a session will affect your life in ways you could never have imagined. I’ve integrated the best of experiential psychology, the enlightenment approaches of the east, with a dash of neuroscience. This is truly the frontier of transformative work! (For more details, visit the nine guiding principles page.)

The net result of the Inner Presence work, is that unconscious emotional constructs/beliefs you may be holding can be accessed in a few sessions. This is a significant savings in time, energy, and money on your part. Many people report that “issues” they worked on for years in other approaches were resolved quickly with Inner Presence work.

What Is Effortless Transformation?

Understanding Effortless Transformation

One way to understand this effortless transformation phenomenon is to use the old Snake and Rope story.

A traveler walking down the path sees a coiled snake on the path ahead and is overwhelmed with fear. The fear is a result of a stimulated belief, construct, or implicit memory which sub verbally says, “A snake up ahead means I could be poisoned and die!”

Upon closer inspection, the traveler sees the snake is not actually a snake, but a coiled rope.

All the fear subsides, and the traveler continues on the path. The fear subsiding naturally is an effortless transformation or an effortless self-correction. So what happened?

After the traveler experientially concluded that the belief “There is a dangerous snake up ahead” was not accurate, a mismatch existed in the traveler’s reality: “There is something to be feared; I could die,” versus “it is only a rope, and nothing to fear.”

Both Constructs Cannot Be True

After automatically choosing “It is a rope and no fear is required,” there was absolutely no effort required to move forward on the path. The only effort expended was the effort to inspect and engage the snake in a meaningful way, to the extent that the traveler concluded it was a rope.

I like to use this metaphor because it dramatically illustrates how effortless it can be, when there is a shift in a belief or implicit memory. This metaphor breaks down, in regards to inner work, because the emotional beliefs and implicit memories we hold are not as apparent as something external like a snake/rope and seeing our obvious misperception.

How Clients Experience Effortless Transformations

Clients often say something like,

  • “I don’t know what you did, but my life has changed”
  • “I’m calmer and more at ease with myself.”
  • “I no longer get triggered by so and so issue.”
  • The guardedness I had all my life is no longer with me.”
  • I have more inner space and the activity in my life has slowed down and is effortless.”
  • “My relationship with my spouse changed, and we were not even working on that.”
  • “My creativity is finally freed.”
  • “The thing that was holding me back is no longer present.
  • I can’t believe that used to be a problem for me.
  • “The addictive urges have fallen off.” 

These are common descriptions of the effortless transformations that occur with clients. Their lives change dramatically, and they don’t know why. I’ve found real and lasting transformation doesn’t require as much effort as people mistakenly believe, it requires skill and precision to access the emotional constructs/beliefs held in the limbic system and bring them into the light of awareness and presence.

The Cutting Edge Frontier of Transformation

Unlike the rope and snake example, our inner world is a little more complex. Many of the beliefs and constructs we hold about ourselves and the world are buried deep in our subconscious as implicit emotional memories, or held in the body as fixations and are well protected.

The culmination of these implicit memories is called our sense of self, which we assume is as real as a solid object. So many enlightenment approaches try to transcend or deconstruct the self-sense, without acknowledging or understanding that this sense is mostly in the realm of the subconscious.

It takes skill and precision to create the conditions in which clients can discover and engage these subconscious beliefs and implicit memories in significant, transformative ways.

How to do this efficiently and safely, while relying on the client’s own innate wisdom and working within their own system of meaning, is the cutting edge frontier of transformative work.

The more open, purified, and powerful your presence, the more you can inspire effortless transformations in others!

This comprehensive Inner Presence Coaching program is designed to benefit those in the helping profession, both personally and professionally. The more spaciousness and effortless transformations you realize in your own life, the more you can facilitate and assist others to experience the same. Any personal benefits of the programs will naturally benefit your clients and future clients.


Become Emotionally Literate At The Highest Level

Building your feeling literacy will give you skills to know what you are feeling and foster an emotional connection with different aspects of yourself, which means you can stay connected to the flow of life within, resulting in deeper, richer emotional connections with others.

Hold Presence For Your Unconscious Desires/Wants/Beliefs

Developing a recognition for the deep unconscious desires/wants/beliefs that run the show and bringing them into the light of awareness, will create the conditions for effortless transformation.

Develop a High Capacity for Empathy and Compassion

Deepening your empathy and compassion for others and yourself, is a byproduct of abiding in a high degree of presence. Imagine responding to some inner critical voice with empathy and compassion.

Have More Ease Effortlessly Emerge

Holding presence for different aspects of yourself that long to be seen and heard, will support your system to spontaneously relax into life.

Open Yourself To The Timeless Present

Experientially, you will feel the progression of unknowingly being preoccupied with the past or future thought stream, to knowingly being preoccupied, to becoming the timeless space in which thought streams arise…and experiencing the richness of life.

Bring Clarity To Your Inner World

Developing clarity about your inner world and having the skills to tease apart any amorphous stream of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, will allow you to meet them with understanding and presence. Life will become less confusing.


Offer Others The Gift of Presence

Learning to view, speak, and support others from a high degree of presence, will allow you to optimally support clients to experience effortless, life-changing transformations.

Bring Clarity To Client's Inner World

Learning to tease apart and connect with whatever is emerging in your clients’ experience, will  inspire effortless transformation. Your clarity and presence will prevent clients from being overwhelmed with what emerges in their experience.

Skills to Access The Depths

Understanding a systematic way to support clients to access any deep fixations or unconscious core beliefs that have influenced their lives in dramatic ways, will open up the possibility of them gaining liberation from these limiting beliefs.

Support Clients To Disidentify With Constructs

Skillfully supporting clients to disidentify with the in-the-moment parts that emerge by standing as presence, which naturally invites them into spaciousness and effortless being!

Support Psychospiritual Development

 Developing powerful and practical Inquiry system to offer clients that can top off their psychospiritual development and help them move along on their spiritual path.

Offer Clients Expansive Viewpoint

Cultivating a wide view that will be able to quickly assess where your clients need to put their attention to create effortless transformations.

Increase Your Business Naturally

The Inner Presence work you do with people will be so incredible, they will be a source of referrals for years to come.

Sign Up For A FREE 1-on-1 Exploratory Session

In this free 30-minute exploratory session, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and determine whether our 9-Month Inner Presence Coaching Program is in alignment with your life goals, intentions and purpose. Rather than a sales pitch, we view it as meeting of the hearts.

Yes, I would like to set up a FREE exploratory session.

16 Dynamic Modules Will Show You Specifically How To Create The Conditions For Your Clients to Experience Effortless Transformations

What hidden mindsets do you operate out of when supporting people?

To effectively step into and learn a new paradigm, it’s useful to become aware of the silent assumptions, hidden expectations and unconscious conditioning that may be in conflict with the new paradigm. You’ll learn:

  • The critical differences between inner presence-based support of clients and other systems.
  • The crucial mindset shifts you must make before you can step into supporting your clients’ inner presence.
  • How we determine what is an effective means of support.
  • What conflict situations can teach us about presence.
  • The most common responses helping professionals have with clients that can seem beneficial, but upon closer inspection, are not so helpful.
  • The most under-utilized and overlooked source of supporting another’s transformation, that’s been right under our noses all along….PRESENCE!

The basics of "seeing without evaluating" for particular inner contexts.

Imagine having a conversation with someone where they are speaking from such a high level abstractions, there is little or no reference to what they are talking about as it specifically relates to their life. This is how many of us start our inner inquiries. We get trapped using labels before we even start! In this module we‚’ll learn:

  • Why it is essential to make your daily life your meditation cushion.
  • The biggest mistake people make when looking within and how to avoid that.
  •  How to see without using evaluative labels.

Becoming aware of the hidden desires, wants, and values that operate in your life is the key to effortless transformations.

Many of your needs, wants, and desires, and values are tightly held in your body/mind system and operate outside of your conscious awareness of them. The information is this module is the foundation to inspiring effortless transformations when you begin to hold these desire/want/ values lightly (become detached). You’ll learn:

  • How to increase your need/want/desire literacy in your own life as a way to connect with yourself and others in deeper, more meaningful ways.
  • The truth about the relationship between what you feel and what you need/want/desire.
  • How understanding what you desire radically empowers you in any given situation or circumstance.

Using parts terminology will liberate you from the “I” orientation embedded in our language.

What is a part and how do you know a part is emerging in your experience? We tend to be conditioned to think of ourselves in terms of a singular “I”. We are going to break up this notion by looking at our experience in terms of parts emerging. Just making this shift has given people so much relief in living under the tyranny of the “I”. You’ll learn why…

  • Using parts in describing experience is so liberating.
  • It is beneficial to determine what is and is not a part.
  • It is important to know whether you’re identified with a part or not.
  • It is important to speak for our parts instead of from our parts.

How to bring presence to disowned, exiled or shadow parts which will inspire effortless transformations.

The deeper disowned parts of ourselves hold the keys to transformation. This is a level that people often do not access, yet this is where the potential lies for effortless transformations. The feelings and beliefs of those deeper parts have a dramatic impacts on our lives in ways in which we are not aware. It is like they are running our lives from a script on how to be or not be, how to show up, who to associate with, or what careers to choose. In this module, we discuss the foundational knowledge needed to identify and connect with these shadow parts as they emerge. You’ll learn:

  • The basics about how disowned parts are formed and why it is essential to learn the important information they hold for us.
  • How bringing compassion and empathy to these parts can inspire monumental shifts in our beings.
  • How our gifts and passions become casualties of protection from pain, and how connection to disowned parts is the doorway to integrate these back into our lives.

How to hold presence and cultivate a particular kind of connection with our inner parts.

When doing inner work, it becomes important to discover who or what is doing the observing of the inner terrain and the type of connection. Discovering this crucial distinction can make the difference in whether you have a highly effective session or simply spin around chasing your tail. You’ll learn:

  • Why this critical step is necessary to start an Inner Presence Session.
  • How to check on the level of identification will save so much time and energy.
  • What is an effective connection to internal parts and what prevents us from connecting effectively.
  • Why spending time to cultivate a certain quality of connection is the key to going deep.
  • How to acknowledge and welcome different parts.

Attuning and attending to the flow of an Inner Presence session.

This module will support facilitators to attend to the flow of a session. It will address how to allow flexibility within a certain structure.

  • What are the roles of Listener and Speaker.
  • How to create the open-ended space of the Inner Presence session.
  • What are effortless transformations and how do they occur in a session.
  • How to use invitational language to insure the Inner Presence session is Speaker-led.

Using the At-a-Glance Prompt sheet in an Inner Presence Session

This module will review the various prompts on the At-A-Glance sheet. You’ll learn:

  • When, and under what circumstances, to use the various prompts on the sheet.
  • How to use the sheet to be aware of certain contingencies that arise during a session.
  • How to use it as a live reference when doing a session.

What is presence and how do you know you’re being present?

Your understanding and experience of presence will set the stage for doing effective Inner Presence sessions. In this module, I’ll give you a step-by-step experiential understanding of presence and explain in detail EXACTLY what you need to offer to make the optimal gift of presence to yourself and others. You’ll learn:

  • How to work with presence as a dynamic state instead of a static state.
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of making presence an ideal state to attain.
  • The difference between contrived and uncontrived presence.
  • The various referential markers indicating presence.

How to increase and channel your emotional literacy into deeply supporting yourself and others.

In this module you will raise your emotional intelligence to the highest possible quotient. You’ll learn how:

  • Optimizing your emotional intelligence will allow you to connect more deeply with yourself and others, which means more efficiency in supporting effortless transformations.
  • Attuning deeply to what others are feeling (even though they are not expressing feelings directly) will allow you to give others the gift of clarity and deep self-connection.
  • Distinguishing between feelings and what are pseudo-feelings, so you don’t make the mistakes most people make when expressing feelings.
  • Learning to access the emotional centers of the brain is the key to accessing hidden beliefs and constructs that impact our lives in so many ways.

Presence that includes empathy and compassion is the most powerful connection you can have with another.

In this module you’ll learn the most effective way of holding compassionate empathetic presence for others. This deep way of being with someone is transformative in and of itself. It will be one of the important building blocks for doing Inner Presence Inquiries. You’ll learn how to:

  • Effectively hold compassionate space for another, which allows them to powerfully connect with themselves.
  • Clear yourself before being present to another.
  • Empathetically reflect back what a person is saying and watch their whole body and disposition transform before your eyes. (It is rare to be heard on such a deep level!)
  • Distinguish between Pseudo-empathetic methods you should NEVER use which take the energy and focus away from the other and draws it to yourself.
  • Ask the wrong questions can cause the other to disconnect and inspire them to go up into their head.

Categorizing parts of yourself will make it crystal clear what is emerging in your experience.

When you begin to look inside yourself, it can be very confusing. At any given time, there is kind of a stream of thoughts, feelings and body sensations happening. We have been enculturated to believe this stream is our “I”, who we are. In this module, we’ll sort out and tease apart your stream into various parts categories and begin to understand the relational aspects of these parts. You’ll have a powerful framework to understand and navigate your inner terrain. You’ll learn how to:

  • Hold a high degree of Presence in the face of a painful aspects of yourself and not be consumed by these painful parts.
  • Hold presence for the parts of you that protect you and keep us safe from painful experiences.
  • Practice holding presence for protective parts, which helps you disidentify from these parts as “me, in my entirety”.
  • Understand that the parts we don’t like are looking out for our best interests, but doing so in a way where there are huge costs to the bodymind system.

How working from the widest possible perspective will give you the clarity you need to do life-transforming Inner Presence.

The Inner Presence work operates from a particular viewpoint or perspective. Learning this perspective will serve as an overarching guide when supporting ourselves and others. In this module we’ll learn:

  • The labeling mistakes you want to avoid.
  • Intimate knowledge of relationships between different part categories will increase your effectiveness in an Inner Presence Session.
  • How to cut through the intractable inner loop between two different polarized aspects of yourself.
  • Four critical questions to ask about the relationship between our conditioning and presence to arrive at an intention for the Inner Presence work.

The most effective ways to enter an Inner Presence Session with clients

The particular way in which you support a client to enter an inquiry session will hugely impact the effectiveness of the session. You’ll learn:

  • How to explain what an Inner Presence Session is to Clients and familiarize them with the work to increase their comfort level.
  • How to have a pre-session conversation to discern the object of the inquiry as well as particular contexts to start a session.
  • How to ground the session for both you and the client.

Working with parts that are concerned about the Inner Presence Session

In the flow of an Inner Presence Session, people often encounter parts that have concerns about the session or about allowing some particular part to emerge. In this module you will learn specific strategies to use when encountering these parts. You’ll learn:

  • The seven most common concerns, and why they must be acknowledged.
  • How to turn concerned parts into allies.
  • How to negotiate with a protector part.

Common obstacles to being an effective Speaker and Listener

This module will explore the common ways an Inner Presence session can be go astray from the protocols.  You’ll learn:

  • The nine common ways a Listener can diminish the effectiveness of a session.
  •  The nine common ways a Speaker can diminish the effectiveness of a session.

Here’s What Past Learners Have To Say About Working With Jerry…

My work with Jerry has been like a balm to my soul. I have “been there / done that” in the realms of personal growth work and this work is the first work that really helped me open to the depth of myself with love and compassion. Now, when I approach edges in life that challenge me, I have a very clear and loving pathway to gather myself so that I can be fully present and available for my life in that moment! Jerry is a highly gifted teacher who truly models what he teaches. I would highly recommend his work to anyone seeking more compassion in their lives and in the world.”

Quiana Grace Frost, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

The Inner Presence inquiry work overall gave me the personal awareness I needed to become very conscious of my disempowering unconscious patterns. The course not only helped me deflate these patterns, but gave me the personal tools to notice almost immediately when they stand in my way of being who I really am. This is a new higher level of awareness that I have never experienced.

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D Life Coach

“Before learning Inner Presence coaching I was supporting my clients the best I could with my intuitive and spiritual coaching skills. Now I have a highly effective way of helping my clients connect deeply to the parts of them that are ready to transform. A non-dual perspective changes the way my clients see long standing issues effortlessly transforming their lives. I feel confident that I can handle any issue that clients present because the model is so effective and simple. It’s also changed my life powerfully I use it for myself as well.”

Aldona Shea, Inner Mastery Energy Healer

Inner Presence work offers specific ways to allow yourself to be honestly present with whatever might unfold within you in any given moment. This invitation helps me open my heart to looking deeper than the surface words of the judgments to the true compassionate wishes that reside within them. This openness has supported me profoundly in moving beyond shadow boxing into learning how to waltz with my shadow selves. As I have become more real to myself, I have had more freedom to truly live and I am very grateful for the courage and joy that these experiences have brought me.

Janet L. Merrell, Ph.D. Psychology

Starting March 31st, 2018…

This Highly Personalized, 9-Month Online Inner Presence Coaching Certification Training Will Include:


Half-Day Video Conference To Start The Program

This half-day video conference program will be the official start of the program on Saturday, March 11th 2017. We will create the safety and bonds needed to make the program effective for everyone. We also explore what is presence and co-create a working definition we will use throughout the course.


24 Interactive Video Conference Group Learning Sessions

We will come together as a group via video conferencing. Groups sessions last 120 minutes.The specific dates and times will be decided by the group. The time this group spend together will be about teaching the modules, Q & A, and/or demonstrations of Inner Presence work. We will co-create an experiential learning environment that includes activities, exercises, demonstrations, practice coaching, handouts and more. Being an amazing, insightful, Inner Presence coach is all about the quality of feedback and learning you get. The specific dates and times will be decided by the group.


10 Self-Paced Video Training Programs

These video programs will support your theoretical learning.  You will subsequently apply what you learned to the experiential components of the program as a way to begin to internalize your learning and skills.


Five 60-Minute Inner Presence Sessions with Jerry

Five 60-minute private coaching sessions with Jerry is a time to support yourself on a deep level. These five sessions will help you experience first-hand effortless transformations in your life! In addition, you will have a feedback session with Jerry (private or in the group) on a coaching session you do with someone outside the group.


18 Partner Practice Sessions With Classmates

In between group sessions, there are structure exercises and practice you can do with a classmate partner. You can immediately apply what you learn in the group teaching which will experientially anchor the information into your skill set.


Highly Personalized Small Group Experience...No Travel Costs Required To Attend!

All the training will be done via video conferencing so there will be no travel expenses. Also, you can travel while taking the course if you have Internet or phone connections. I use a private cloud service that is a better quality than Skype. The program is designed for small group participation so that everyone can get maximum benefit from the course. Exclusive access to private inner presence Facebook group for mutual support and questions as they arise in your daily life and which will be monitored by Jerry.


Inner Presence Coach Certification

Although coaching or psychological CEUs are not available for the program, we still offer the potential for you to gain private certification for Level One coaching upon completion of the program. To be certified as Level One Coach, skills, knowledge and skills will be assessed at the end of the program to determine certification.

Are You Ready To Master Your Own Inner Presence And Offer High Level Coaching To Your Clients?


The 9-month Inner Presence Coaching Program: $3250.00

A $1000 discount is given to the first six people who register!

(payment plans available)



People Who Thrive in The Course Are…

People who have done a lot of experiential awareness work, meditation, have been on a spiritual path and/or have done a lot of personal growth work seem to thrive in this program. Therapists, coaches, spiritual teachers, yoga teachers, and healers seem to resonate with the work and the unique skills learned. If you want to more completely experience the fruition of all your psycho-spiritual work…or if you want to abide more fully in the present, and long to experience a stabilized wholeness in your life, this course is for you!

All Spiritual, Psychological or Personal Growth Approaches Are Welcomed

Generally, the training approach is secular, neither promoting any specific spiritual tradition or psychological personal growth approaches, nor denying any. Even though a larger non-dualistic context informs this work, the belief in or adherence to this understanding of non-duality, or any spiritual context is not required. The hope is that you would honor and integrate your own spiritual beliefs and understandings into this process for yourself.

A Small Committed Group Means Personalized Attention

We are assembling a small group of dedicated people (max 15) who will make a commitment to themselves and others in the group to take action with experiential learning. Each of whom will relish realizations of their own effortless transformations, and transfer those transformations into coaching others. Once those slots are filled, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to optimally develop your presence and make life-changing contributions to your clients! If you’re really interested and it seems like a good fit, please take action now to make sure you get into the program.

Sign Up For A FREE 1-on-1 Exploratory Session

In this free 30-minute exploratory session, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and determine whether our 9-Month Inner Presence Coaching Program is in alignment with your life goals, intentions and purpose. Rather than a sales pitch, we view it as meeting of the hearts.

Yes, I would like to set up a FREE exploratory session.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Will I be able to coach people after completing the program even thought I've not had any prior coaching training?

Yes, you will have solid skills to make meaningful contributions to others via your coaching. Not having prior training may be even an asset since you may not have as much to unlearn.

What kind of computer can I connect with to participate in the video conferencing?

You can connect free with the video conference service using a desktop Mac or Windows unit, also iphones/ipads, and android. No account needed. If for some reason you can’t connect via video, there is a call in number as well.

Do I have to pay all at once or do your offer payment plans?

Yes we offer payment plans. This can be discussed in the interview process when connecting to your specific needs.

Are there any scholarships available?

At this time there are no scholarship funds available.

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