FREE Live Online Workshop

Tuesday, Nov 28th at 8:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)

This is a small intimate video conferencing format, not a mass scale presentation.

We will explore the 9 Principles guiding the Inner Presence Coaching work that is taught in the 9-Month Coaching Program.

1) Being aware of the ways you can inadvertently add to the client’s conditioning and constrict them further.

2) Working with clients to have insights that come from on an emotional experiential level, instead of insights that come from the intellectual level. Intellectual insights can’t impact limbic system constructs.

3) Placing a priority on meaningful experiential work with clients will yield transformative insights that are not possible with “talk about” or “story about” engagements.

4) Paying attention to context will bring clarity and focus to the session and allow the emotionally rich material to emerge.

5) Holding a non-pathological regard by dropping all the labels will free clients from being trapped in a reality that something is wrong with them or something is missing.

6) Allowing your support in a session to be gentle, non-invasive and client-directed is so much more effective than confrontational techniques and methods.

7) Supporting clients with non-prescriptive contributions means you can offer a quality of openness and allowance that gives a green light for depth to occur.

8) Working in the timeless present with clients and inviting in the past or future projections into the space will naturally reduce identification with these stories.

9) Verifying that effortless transformations have happened or are fully integrated will prevent false positives or contrived transformations that are not lasting.