The more open and powerful your presence, the more you can inspire effortless transformations in others!

This comprehensive Inner Presence Coaching program is designed to benefit those in the helping profession, both personally and professionally. The more spaciousness and effortless transformations you realize in your own life, the more you can facilitate and assist others to experience the same. Any personal benefits of the programs will naturally benefit your students and future students.

By the end of the 9-month Inner Presence Program you will:

Become Emotionally Literate At The Highest Level

Building your feeling literacy will give you skills to know what you are feeling and foster an emotional connection with different aspects of yourself, which means you can stay connected to the flow of life within, resulting in deeper, richer emotional connections with others.

Hold Presence For Your Unconscious Desires/Wants/Beliefs

Developing a recognition for the deep unconscious desires/wants/beliefs that run the show and bringing them into the light of awareness, will create the conditions for effortless transformation.

Develop a High Capacity for Empathy and Compassion

Deepening your empathy and compassion for others and yourself, is a byproduct of abiding in a high degree of presence. Imagine responding to some inner critical voice with empathy and compassion.

Have More Ease Effortlessly Emerge

Holding presence for different aspects of yourself that long to be seen and heard, will support your system to spontaneously relax into life.

Open Yourself To The Timeless Present

Experientially, you will feel the progression of unknowingly being preoccupied with the past or future thought stream, to knowingly being preoccupied, to becoming the timeless space in which thought streams arise…and experiencing the richness of life.

Bring Clarity To Your Inner World

Developing clarity about your inner world and having the skills to tease apart any amorphous stream of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, will allow you to meet them with understanding and presence. Life will become less confusing.


Offer Others The Gift of Presence

Learning to view, speak, and support others from a high degree of presence, will allow you to optimally support students to experience effortless, life-changing transformations.

Bring Clarity To Student's Inner World

Learning to tease apart and connect with whatever is emerging in your students’ experience, will  inspire effortless transformation. Your clarity and presence will prevent students from being overwhelmed with what emerges in their experience.

Skills to Access The Depths

Understanding a systematic way to support students to access any deep fixations or unconscious core beliefs that have influenced their lives in dramatic ways, will open up the possibility of them gaining liberation from these limiting beliefs.

Support Students To Disidentify With Constructs

Skillfully supporting students to disidentify with the in-the-moment parts that emerge by standing as presence, which naturally invites them into spaciousness and effortless being!

Support Psychospiritual Development

Developing powerful and practical Inquiry system to offer students that can top off their psychospiritual development and help them move along on their spiritual path.

Offer Students Expansive Viewpoint

Cultivating a wide view that will be able to quickly assess where your students need to put their attention to create effortless transformations.

Increase Your Business Naturally

The Inner Presence work you do with people will be so incredible, they will be a source of referrals for years to come.


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