An Inner Presence Session is a deep inquiry that works within your own system of meaning and uses your innate wisdom to inspire safe, efficient effortless transformations.

How will an Inner Presence session support you?

Imagine that you already have the solution to whatever is troubling, challenging, or painful in your life and you just don’t know it.

If this was the case, any activity that helped you discover and connect with your unique solution would be valuable, right? It would then make sense to create a setting where a collaboration could take place that would allow this hidden solution to become self-evident.

This is the assumption we operate off of in an Inner Presence Session.

Together we sit in spacious presence and allow and connect to whatever arises within you. The coach then skillfully guides you into a deeper inquiry. These are the conditions for the unique pieces of your puzzle to make themselves known. Whatever unconscious emotional constructs/beliefs you hold, that create the trouble, challenge or pain, is are naturally revealed and integrated. This creates powerful limbic system integrations that are lasting!

Clients often say something like:

  • “I don’t know what you did, but my life has changed.”
  • “I’m calmer and more at ease with myself.”
  • “I no longer get triggered by so and so issue.”
  • “This guardedness I had all my life is no longer with me.”
  • I have more inner space, and the activity in my life has slowed down and is effortless.”
  • “My relationship with my spouse changed, and we were not even working on that.”
  • “My creativity is finally freed.”
  • “The thing that was holding me back is no longer present.”
  • “I can’t believe that used to be a problem for me.”
  • “The addictive urges have fallen off.”

These are common descriptions of the effortless transformations that occur with clients. Their lives change dramatically, and they don’t know why. I’ve found real and lasting transformation doesn’t require as much effort as people mistakenly believe. It just requires skill and precision, facilitated by the coach, to access the emotional constructs/beliefs held in the limbic system and bring them into the light of awareness and presence.

What exactly is an Inner Presence Inquiry Session?

It is not therapy, nor is it a therapeutic approach that gets you lost in an endless “talk about” dialogue. It is not positive thinking, guided imagery, or guided meditation of any kind, nor is it having a casual conversation about an issue. There is no concerted effort to intellectually delve into the past to find causes and there is no attempt to change behavior, improve, or fix yourself.

It isn’t just another coaching method that gives you seven action steps for freedom, success, or millions, nor is it an accountability session where your steps for achieving your goals are assessed, discussed and refined. It is not solution oriented or focused on future outcomes. It doesn’t attempt to change perspectives or give direction.

It also differs from the mental deconstructive inquiry practices or training offered in the East that encourage you to “see through” inner objects, or relegates everything arising as dreamlike material that doesn’t exist.

An Inner Presence Session is a deep inquiry that works within your own system of meaning and uses your innate wisdom to inspire safe, efficient, effortless transformations. Often, a session will affect your life in ways you have never before imagined. I’ve integrated the best of experiential psychology, the enlightenment approaches of the east, with a dash of neuroscience. This is truly the frontier of transformative work! (For more details about the underlying principles of the work go here.)

The net result of the Inner Presence work is the ability to access unconscious emotional constructs/beliefs in a few sessions. This is a significant saving in time, energy, and money on your part. Many people report that what they worked on for years in other approaches was resolved quickly with a handful of Inner Presence sessions.

If you value depth and are ready to take a deep dive, please follow the instructions below to schedule a session.

How to schedule a session with Jerry

To make an appointment with Jerry (more info about Jerry), just call at 828-252-0538 or fill in the form below. Sessions can be done in-person in my Asheville, NC office, via Phone, or Zoom Videoconference. 

Jerry is only interested in coaching people who are interested and committed to bringing awareness to the root cause(s) of a challenge to inspire permanent transformation. 

If scheduling a Phone/Zoom session, payment needs to be received before the start of your session. 

A 60 min Session is $150, and a 90 min Session is $210.

You can send payment Via Venmo to my Venmo account:

Or  use the paypal option below.

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An Inner Presence Session is a deep inquiry that works within your own system of meaning and uses your innate wisdom to inspire safe, efficient effortless transformations.

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